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The Artwork

The inspiration can come from anywhere, from nature, architecture, classic cornice or an individual  design. We have created table linen to compliment beautiful wall coverings, each flower picked out in the same colour as the silk, each napkin to have a different flower. We have designed bed linen to reflect the style and architecture of a room, using the family crest to add detail. This level of personalisation and quality is the distinct mark of Louis Sotiriades and Family.

Flower 2.jpg

To Madeira

Design is nothing if not complimented with wonderful craftsmanship and the world’s finest materials. In an age old tradition the ateliers of Madeira begin the long, complicated process of creating each piece. By hand, the chosen design is drawn on fine waxed paper and then, following those pen marks, the design is perforated.

Stamping Room

After perforation the drawing is ready to be stamped with special blue ink. A damp sponge is used to rub over the perforated drawing and the ink is passed through the small holes creating a faint drawing on the fabric below.


The True Talent

Living generally outside urban areas, embroiderers are surrounded by the island’s lavish nature. A small van will deliver the stamped linen to each lady who, with skilful hands, transmits the beauty onto each piece. With their patience and ancestral knowledge, they create unique pieces of art, to be treasured and passed through generations.The items are then returned to the workshop for the final finish.


IVBAM is The Official Embroidery Institute of Madeira. Each embroidered  item must pass through there to be meticulously inspected for quality and workmanship before being certified as genuine. The seal guarantees the purchaser that they are acquiring genuine, Hand Made Madeira Embroidery.

Madeira Stamp.jpg
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